This is getting ridiculous, Ctd.

April 27, 2009

OK, so Wick told us that “The key to FrontBurner’s success is that it has always primarily been a conversation among the editors.”

But to me it looks an awful lot like this conversation is just now starting. Or if not that, it’s really become apparent. Perhaps Wick sent a memo out to his staff telling them to start this public conversation. It probably looked like this:

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Wick carries the load

April 24, 2009

UPDATE: There were five posts over the weekend, and five of them were from Wick. Relentless.

Like the Cleveland Cavaliers, FrontBurner has become a one-man show.

Though there are four regulars (Wick, Tim, Eric, Zac) and a few part-timers (Glenn, Sarah), Wick Allison is taking all of the glory for himself. He’s a ball hog, even if most of his shots are clanking off the rim. Okay, so maybe he’s nothing like LeBron James.

Anyway, 24 of the past 50 posts have come from Wick’s hands. (I didn’t count any “Leading Off” posts since he never does those.)

Two questions about this: 

  1. Why is Wick trying so hard to flood FrontBurner with post after post about the latest Dallas-related study or poll?
  2. Generally speaking, do you enjoy the dull, humorless posts from Wick more than ones that actually are engaging, like those from Zac?

How to take money from Wick

April 23, 2009

I wonder how Lauren Cureton feels about this “New FrontBurner.” She works in advertising at D Magazine and can’t be thrilled with the loss of page impressions sure to come from the No Comments era.

FrontBurner, like nearly every other Web site with advertising, charges advertisers based on page impressions. A page impression, of course is what happens every time you load a page. Here are some of their rates, courtesy of Lauren herself:

50,000 impressions        =          $1,437

100,000 impressions      =          $2,625

200,000 impressions      =          $4,250

There are two ads on FrontBurner: the banner and the tower. So let’s assume they’re both paid ads (though they frequently are house ads instead). That means that each time you visit FrontBurner, you could be giving Wick Allison nearly 6 cents.

50,000/$1,437 = $0.02874… multiply that by 2 (for two ads on the page) and you get $0.057 per impression.

Load the page 10 times in a day, and Wick has received 57 cents courtesy of you.

That’s the extreme example, since advertisers may choose for the better deal of buying 100,000 or 200,000 impressions. But you get the idea.

As you can see, it’s important for Wick that people return to FrontBurner throughout the day. I reloaded that page probably 50 times a day when I was commenting there, but, of course, I don’t do that now. The point is this: Less reason to return throughout the day will mean slightly less revenue for Wick. 

Want to really stick it to him? Use the RSS feed at the top right of LodoWick. Rather than checking back with FrontBurner to see if there’s a new post, just look there first. If there is and it looks interesting, sure, click and read it. If not, save the 6 cents.