It was a good run

May 5, 2009

It was fun while it lasted. But, yawn, there’s just nothing interesting happening at FrontBurner anymore.

Was it all worth it? The countless minutes spent criticizing the guys at FrontBurner? Probably not.

Blogs like LodoWick are based on the successes and failures of another entity. That model only works under two conditions: 

  1. Everyone hates said entity and wants a place to complain.
  2. Everyone loves said entity and wants a place to party with fellow fanboys. 

The problem arises when there’s not enough substance to stir up either emotion. Let’s use a baseball analogy. A blog about the Tampa Bay Rays works fine. Let’s all get together and chat about those huggable Rays! (Can you believe that playoff run last year? OMG!)

Similarly, a blog about the New York Yankees is perfect. Let’s all get together and bash the Evil Empire! (Can you believe that playoff run last year? That’s right There wasn’t one!)

But, let’s face it, nobody wants to read about the Kansas City Royals. FrontBurner is the Kansas City Royals. It’s just sort of… there.

Sure, FrontBurner has its Zack Greinke (Zac) who isn’t a complete disaster. But then they have guys like Miguel Olivo (Tim) who have nearly twice as many strikeouts as hits. Still following me?

I’m saying that Zack/Zac gives you reason to hope, but then Miguel/Tim pushes those hopes back to reality.

Had enough of the baseball analogies? Me too.

Until next time,





April 29, 2009

Thank you, LodoWickians. This site has now surpassed 100 comments. Keep coming back and saying whatever you want.

A hundred comments is a great milestone. At one time, FrontBurner would surpass 100 comments in one day. Now, according to my calculations, it will take approximately ∞ days for them to reach that number.

Finally, Eric returns

April 28, 2009

…and he’s expressed his outrage at the loss of comments on FrontBurner in this well-reasoned post.

Overcompensate much?

April 23, 2009

UPDATE (8:30 a.m. 04/24/09): Now with fresh numbers!

Without commenters to keep people coming back, FrontBurner writers have been working overtime to keep fresh content up on their site. I mean, Tim wrote a post at 8 p.m. yesterday. Shouldn’t he have been out drinking or something?

But seriously, take a look at the numbers from the past 15 days below. I didn’t include weekends, since nobody works on the weekend.

  • April 23: 17 posts
  • April 22: 14 posts
  • April 21 (The Day the Comments Died): 19 posts
  • April 20: 7 posts
  • April 17: 9 posts
  • April 16: 12 posts
  • April 15: 7 posts
  • April 14: 9 posts
  • April 13: 5 posts
  • April 10: 4 posts
  • April 9: 5 posts
  • April 8: 8 posts
  • April 7: 8 posts
  • April 6: 6 posts
  • April 3: 6 posts

So this is hardly a statistical sample, but in the most recent 13 weekdays of the YC (Yes Comments) era, we were getting 7.17 posts per day. Through the first three days of the NC (No Comments) era, we’re getting 16.67 posts per day.

To me, that says something. It says that they’re afraid of losing repeat readers who returned solely to read responses to their comments. What does it say to you?

Wick rewrites history

April 22, 2009

It used to be comments that would vanish out of thin air, but a post about the DMN’s online numbers recently disappeared as well.

UPDATE: He has now posted a corrected version. Apparently it’s OK to post something factually inaccurate and then later come back and correct it. As long as you cover your tracks.

Here was Wick’s first post:

Big Drop In DMN Online Numbers 

To be expected, considering the Texas presidential primary was last March.  The News is down 30%. Even so, that’s better than the Miami Herald (-85%), the NY Daily News (-71%), and the Raleigh News & Observer (-106%). So I would consider it a News victory, to have retained as many readers as it did.

Here was the rewritten post:

News Online Readership Way, Way Up

The DMN’s web growth continued in March year-over-year, despite the fact that last March Texas was engaged in a heated Democratic presidential primary. Overall, it was up 30%.  Even bigger gains were made by the Raleigh News & Observer (+106%), the Miami Herald (+85%), the NY Daily News (+71%), and the Seattle Times (+70%). [Thanks to the FrontBurnervians who quickly corrected my now-deleted earlier post, which was exactly wrong.]


Something’s different about those two posts, but I can’t tell what…

“Litterbug,” we want your response

April 22, 2009

If you were the “Litterbug” and Tim Rogers recently called you out (see here), we want to hear from you. We’d like you to have the chance to respond publicly. Contact us!

UPDATE: Now that Tim has taken down the “Open Letter to a Litterbug” we have also taken down the alleged litterbug’s name. No point in keeping it out there.

The FrontBurner comment saga

April 21, 2009

Man, the people at FrontBurner are mounting a relentless push to fill the entire front page of FrontBurner with stories about the new comments policy. Just a few more and they’ll have it!

Here’s a timeline of Tuesday, April 21:

11:51 a.m.: Wick ends comments forever. End of discussion.

12:41 p.m.: Tim can see both sides and posts responses from both sides.

2:02 p.m.: Wick, apparently, only gets positive e-mails from readers and posts four of them.

2:26 p.m.: Tim posts a link to Bethany’s excellent critique of the change. (But no shoutout for LodoWick?!?)

2:41 p.m.: Zac remembers that comments weren’t always bad/from RayRay.

4:20 p.m.: Tim gives props to the DMN (wait, what?) for giving FBvians a new home. (But wait, this is their new home!) Also worth noting on this one: Tim mentions the DMN City Hall blog, but he doesn’t link to it. Sneaky Tim thinks we don’t have Google. But we do!

5:01 p.m.: Some computery guy backtracks and tells us that we’ll see comments again real soon. So don’t go anywhere! Please!

5:06 p.m.: Wick finds some obscure site that agrees with him.

Wednesday, April 22:

8:03 p.m.: Tim finds some obscure site that agrees with him.

I’ll keep this updated as the saga continues.