It was a good run

It was fun while it lasted. But, yawn, there’s just nothing interesting happening at FrontBurner anymore.

Was it all worth it? The countless minutes spent criticizing the guys at FrontBurner? Probably not.

Blogs like LodoWick are based on the successes and failures of another entity. That model only works under two conditions: 

  1. Everyone hates said entity and wants a place to complain.
  2. Everyone loves said entity and wants a place to party with fellow fanboys. 

The problem arises when there’s not enough substance to stir up either emotion. Let’s use a baseball analogy. A blog about the Tampa Bay Rays works fine. Let’s all get together and chat about those huggable Rays! (Can you believe that playoff run last year? OMG!)

Similarly, a blog about the New York Yankees is perfect. Let’s all get together and bash the Evil Empire! (Can you believe that playoff run last year? That’s right There wasn’t one!)

But, let’s face it, nobody wants to read about the Kansas City Royals. FrontBurner is the Kansas City Royals. It’s just sort of… there.

Sure, FrontBurner has its Zack Greinke (Zac) who isn’t a complete disaster. But then they have guys like Miguel Olivo (Tim) who have nearly twice as many strikeouts as hits. Still following me?

I’m saying that Zack/Zac gives you reason to hope, but then Miguel/Tim pushes those hopes back to reality.

Had enough of the baseball analogies? Me too.

Until next time,




6 Responses to It was a good run

  1. mm says:

    The links to Unfair Park are interesting.

  2. jt says:

    I don’t think you’re the only one yawning at Frontburner. Which may be the reason you should keep this blog going. Do what their too bored & tired to do. Only 6 posts yesterday. Only 2 this morning. Just don’t say “skosh” or “murmur” or Cricket and Scooter might beat you with their topsiders. I bet even Wick is tired of FB, keeps lifting the lid of the shoebox, wondering why the money can’t just reproduce itself, like bunnies…

  3. Oh, My! says:

    There’s a tender sort of pathos to Smithers’, er, Eric’s birthday post to Tim. Is it the literate reference to basements in Texas? Or the winsome longing for 40 penis jokes?

  4. Frienemy says:

    Well, I disagree that it’s time to close shop. Here are a few things worth watching at FB in 2009.

    1. They are integrating a new comments application with FB, which will launch in spring or summer. Can they take the readers’ heat this time?

    2. TimmyTyper’s wife is between jobs and word is that Tim is, er, front-burned out. My Prognostication: he hands his resignation notice in 2009 to “the best boss ever” for greener pastures.

    3. Despite the staff reductions and pay decreases, Wick Allison has staffed his publishing company like a daily newspaper and issues almost daily missives on the fortunes of the TDMN. He’s gearing up to compete with them head-to-head on the Web and maybe on weekends.

    4. Speaking of TDMN, watch for more staff poaching. If a DMN-er is feted with, “greatness,” that means they are on D’s wish list and/or they have interviewed.

    5. Office romances and extra curricular activities. Be a little less public, OK?

    6. DCEO. Good mag. Bad economy. Will it go the way of Conde Nast’s Portfolio?

    7. Wick Allison vs. Angela Hunt. Rumors will heat up that she’s running for mayor this year. Wick clearly does not like her. Maybe she’s not CEO of the year material? Maybe she stuck it to him during their blog war the other month?

    More later…..

  5. Jeeves says:

    Here’s another interesting story. D Publishing announced today that they are leaving Highland Park for downtown Dallas.

    They are finally putting their money where their mouth is regarding the wonderfulness of downtown.

    Hmmm. Signage rights? High profile downtown location? Maybe you’re right, Frienemy. This is a shot across the bow of The Dallas Morning News.

  6. Jeeves says:

    $10 says they are trying to hire Dave Levinthal.

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