It was a good run

May 5, 2009

It was fun while it lasted. But, yawn, there’s just nothing interesting happening at FrontBurner anymore.

Was it all worth it? The countless minutes spent criticizing the guys at FrontBurner? Probably not.

Blogs like LodoWick are based on the successes and failures of another entity. That model only works under two conditions: 

  1. Everyone hates said entity and wants a place to complain.
  2. Everyone loves said entity and wants a place to party with fellow fanboys. 

The problem arises when there’s not enough substance to stir up either emotion. Let’s use a baseball analogy. A blog about the Tampa Bay Rays works fine. Let’s all get together and chat about those huggable Rays! (Can you believe that playoff run last year? OMG!)

Similarly, a blog about the New York Yankees is perfect. Let’s all get together and bash the Evil Empire! (Can you believe that playoff run last year? That’s right There wasn’t one!)

But, let’s face it, nobody wants to read about the Kansas City Royals. FrontBurner is the Kansas City Royals. It’s just sort of… there.

Sure, FrontBurner has its Zack Greinke (Zac) who isn’t a complete disaster. But then they have guys like Miguel Olivo (Tim) who have nearly twice as many strikeouts as hits. Still following me?

I’m saying that Zack/Zac gives you reason to hope, but then Miguel/Tim pushes those hopes back to reality.

Had enough of the baseball analogies? Me too.

Until next time,