Thank you, LodoWickians. This site has now surpassed 100 comments. Keep coming back and saying whatever you want.

A hundred comments is a great milestone. At one time, FrontBurner would surpass 100 comments in one day. Now, according to my calculations, it will take approximately ∞ days for them to reach that number.


5 Responses to 100 comments!

  1. TLS says:

    That’s funny.

    I can’t believe how boring Frontburner is now. The comments were the key. And I’m not seeing many postings of responses from readers so maybe no one is responding. Or maybe the responses are lame. Like what I am posting now….

  2. Jason says:

    You must of touched a nerve with Tim. He posted a couple of comments just to show you up. He seems more rattled than I remember, messing up again with the Marty Haag thing. I bet Wick’s breathing down his neck yelling at him that he’s next if the no comments thing doesn’t work.

  3. Jack E. Jett says:

    Tim will always have a job as long as he knows where the Wick keeps his missing dots.

    Frontbummer is history, and how many people are going to spend 5 bucks for a ragazine called Dallas CEO?

    After years and years of undeserved arrogance, facts and karma will have the final say.

  4. Ronco says:

    Poor Timmy may be taking heat on another front that is eating him up and driving him crazy. Even as the sole wage earner now taking a hefty pay cut, the failing DMN’s Rod Dreher can still afford the staus of keeping a Mexican housekeeper to pick up after him and mix him a toddy on command while tony D Magazine’s own executive editor somehow can’t. That has got to lead to some late night sobbing recriminations and throwing things, and Tim’s wife can’t be too happy with him either.

  5. Daniel says:

    Oh haw haw! Tim’s boss and wife both yell Inadequate! Keep running! and the more him run the more inadequate him seemingly become. Anger mixed with terror. Humiliating tears. Financial and moral ruin. Personal collapse. Haw!

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