Wick carries the load

UPDATE: There were five posts over the weekend, and five of them were from Wick. Relentless.

Like the Cleveland Cavaliers, FrontBurner has become a one-man show.

Though there are four regulars (Wick, Tim, Eric, Zac) and a few part-timers (Glenn, Sarah), Wick Allison is taking all of the glory for himself. He’s a ball hog, even if most of his shots are clanking off the rim. Okay, so maybe he’s nothing like LeBron James.

Anyway, 24 of the past 50 posts have come from Wick’s hands. (I didn’t count any “Leading Off” posts since he never does those.)

Two questions about this: 

  1. Why is Wick trying so hard to flood FrontBurner with post after post about the latest Dallas-related study or poll?
  2. Generally speaking, do you enjoy the dull, humorless posts from Wick more than ones that actually are engaging, like those from Zac?

10 Responses to Wick carries the load

  1. Nestor says:

    And, as I mentioned below, the change in FB’s comment policy has had the positive effect of requiring formerly laid off D empire staffer Kristiana Heap to be rehired to help carry the new editorial load. That is, if her participation is not simply voluntary like that of the many honorable souls who stepped up to fill sandbags in Fargo earlier this year.

  2. Frienemy says:

    If this were basketball, Wick’s ghost blogger(s) would be “flooding the zone” to prop up traffic levels until they relaunch comments in a few weeks. Or so my snitches in D Publishing are telling me.

  3. D Listed says:

    Here is an example of the proposed new concept for FrontBurner;

    Today, on my way to work, I saw a car that did not stop even with, what was clearly marked a STOP sign. I was so livid at the thought of that this crazy, whacked out, insane fat bitch might have dented my vehicle, that I took down her license plate number and called Chief David Kunkle, (the Mayor’s direct line was on my other cell phone the one I hate and can’t believe someone had the nerve to give it to me), and I told Dave to have that bitch arrested, waterboarded and have nude photos of her distributed on a National Child Porn Ring website.

    I calmed down when I got to work and saw my BFF Eric, was busy, doing set ups on the side of my massive desk that is filled with gifts from important people all over the world.
    As Eric was putting his underwear back on, I told him about the cheap seat bitch that had the nerve to disobey the law in front of me. Eric said I should blog about it but I knew that Zac was already doing a very funny bit about the lady would couldn’t get the lid on her Slurpee this morning at 7-11. So we decided to have a board meeting about it. Wick entered the board room (a/k/a The Monk) wearing a Louis Vutton Caftan, and going commando with it. About this time, Nancy Nichols enters the board room with a photo of a sparrow she had taken just outside Three Forks, which she proudly gave to Wick in exchange for her paycheck. I explained my story, and Trey asked why I didn’t just shoot her. Glenn asked why I didn’t just bomb her. I explained that I had just had a manicure and my knuckles waxed that morning at Giuseppe Ferrare’s Most Exclusive Nail Salon for Less Than Manly Men, and I didn’t want to get my polish scratched. Wick asked if I could make the driving evil doer a Mexican and suggest that she might be lesbian. I said; consider it done, my Emperor.


    Daniel…..That is so funny.

    Bethany…No, more than funny. Really funny!

    Amanda….Super funny! Are you kidding, beyond brilliant!

    Rod Dreher…Anyone that even might be a lesbian should burn in hell but Tim Rogers is
    the wittiest man except for Jesus, cause well, Jesus is the funniest.

    Bethany…Do you remember the time that Tim forgot to buckle his belt?

    Daniel……I do. That had me laughing my re*r end off.

    Zac Crain…That is so gay.

    Amanda…..What is so gay?

    Zac Crain….That the lady couldn’t get the lid on her slurpee.

    Amanda…..Oh yes, gay.

    Bethany….Totally gay.

    Daniel……Over the top gay.

    Tim……..This is a story about me.

    Daniel. …That is so awesome what you did to that bitch Mexican dyke. I hope she ends up in prison.

    Bethany….Prison is too good for that dyke.

    Amanda….Yes, and I can’t believe this happened the day after someone had the nerve to send you two IPods.

    Bethany…..People are rude.

    Amanda….So rude.

    Daniel…..Super rude.

    Rod Dreher……Jesus aint rude.

    Bethany…..Jesus isn’t rude. I use to work at the DMN.

    Tim…….Rude and poor and really shouldn’t be living here in Dallas. That woman will not win D Best Stop Sign Stopping Person, if I have anything to do with it, and I have everything to do with it.

    Amanda……Poor people should not be living anywhere but in very poor parts of town.

    Bethany…….Really poor parts.

    Daniel………The poorest.

  4. Little O says:

    @ D Listed-

    Post of the week!

  5. Say It Ain't So says:

    I like to think of them collectively as Wick’s Chicks. Like Charlie’s Angels, but less independent minded.

  6. Ack-Ack says:

    @ Say: “Wick’s Chicks” ROFLMAO

    I don’t know about Daniel but Bethany Amanda and Trey definitely. Is there a day Trey doesn’t wake up with his mouth full of Wick? Latest: Wick’s swinging for the fences. Uh-huh. BTW I could have sworn I heard Rawlins Gililland blurt out on his KERA shift that Amanda was moving to St. Louis. Whose going to be promoted to Bethany’s new BFF when she does?

  7. D Listed says:

    I like to think of Bethany, Amanda, and Trey as
    B.A.T.shit. B and A have had their lips surgiclly attached to the butt of Wick, while Trey the tip of Trey’s tongue is always has a taste of Allison.

  8. Evie S. says:

    @ D Listed

    When Bethany repeats the same post twice in the same month



    the way she was just criticizing Steve Blow for doing,


    what are we supposed to call it?

    Giving us a Blow Job?

  9. Nestor says:

    I must say I found Bethany’s “nostalgic” anecdote of Mexicans as stereotypical Third World dog eaters both off-putting and disappointing, with an unsavory backwoods ugliness to it that seemed totally unnecessary.

  10. D Listed says:

    Bethany is a far less talented version of Ann Coulter.

    Her content is an empty as her compassion.

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