That’s not very bright

Yesterday, three dozen or so commenters blasted Timmy Typer for his kneejerk reaction (emphasis on the jerk!) to a press kit sent by N3L Optics, a sunglasses retailer coming soon to NorthPark.

I sent an e-mail to Matt Moss to ask him if he’d like to respond to this senseless display of arrogance from Tim Rogers, and I’ll post a response if one arrives.

But in the meantime, let’s look back on the barrage of attacks at Timmy. Here were my favorites:

cbs had something else that ended up in the recycling bin:

I felt the same way when I got some ridiculous magazine that I did not want with a former President dressed in pastel casual wear foisted on me as I left Cotes du Coeur on Friday.

But I am sure this is different…somehow.

Richard thinks Tim didn’t make any friends at D‘s advertising department:

Methinks that anyone that can afford a lease at NorthPark should be a great potential advertiser………

Hard Bop is feeling me:

You recently complained about the negative posts in FrontBurner and, by extention, I assume you also mean the nasty posts about you.

Part of the reason you and FB are slammed are because of diatribes like this, which are filled with black bile and general douchebaggery.

And Michael Bluth has spoken:

Would it have utterly devastated your day to walk one of the packets to Sarah Evean’s office/cube/desk/whatever?

Nice job, everyone. It’s clear that this hit a nerve with Timmy Typer, because he usually has a comeback that is at least half decent. Instead, he went with this:

You guys are the best. I mean it. I’m typing this while wearing my new free pair of N3L Optics sunglasses. I can barely see the screen. So please forgive any misspellings.

Well it’s clear he’s lying, of course. I bet he doesn’t think we’re the best. What a jerk!

Also, duh, those envelopes weren’t big enough for sunglasses. And he obviously doesn’t realize that N3L Optics doesn’t make its own line of sunglasses anyway. If you’re going to bash someone, at least do your research, Timmy.

Have anything else you want to say? The comments section is all yours.


One Response to That’s not very bright

  1. D Listed says:

    Slime ball Timmy.
    The most pathetic non entity on the planet earth.

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